The spices heaven

I probably should start by saying that I am afraid of spices. They seem to talk only to the connoisseurs and the rest of us are left with salt and pepper. But then again, it might not be just like that. This is why I have ‘cooking with spices’ as one important goal this year and this is why I like Magazinul de mirodenii (The Spices Shop) so much.


We discovered them a couple of years ago, hunting for spices for this recipe of mulled wine. Entering their shop is like entering a magical world. Wonderful aromas, great quality spices and their love for what they do – this sounds like the perfect recipe for a cozy shop selling spices from around the world.


The team behind the shop is small, yet extremely enthusiastic and passionate. They have endless tips and tricks about whatever you would fancy from the shop, and their stories are mouthwatering. Putting a face and a soul behind that piri piri can only make things tastier.


If you know your way around spices and smelling and talking about them doesn’t help you that much, you can order online. However, visiting their little shop is an experience in itself.


They offer both pure spices and mixes, cooking and baking spices, recipe ideas and even some accessories. Some of the shelves carry eco products, as well as a selections of salts. For the amateurs, they also created a little encyclopedia of spices, which really comes in handy when selecting your next adventure.


I highly recommend you pay them a visit, just for a little taste of what the spices heaven can smell like. You’ll be conquered by their passion and the efforts they put in their business and trade, and everything you can find in their shop is of the highest quality.

Magazinul de mirodenii (and the Facebook page)
25, Tudor Stefan str.
+40 732 407 866

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