To cry or not to cry


The other day, all the bad things in the world seemed to be happening to me. Looking back now, nothing was that serious, of course, but somehow I managed to end up almost crying in front of some of the employees.

As a context, I am an easy crier. If I am tired, nervous, if I feel attacked or cornered, I take everything with a good dose of tears and a red nose. It’s, I think, my way of releasing pressure and clearing my head. The same goes for moments when I have to talk about important or emotional things, no matter how big or small the crowd.

That very evening, our chef said he never wanted to see me like this, ever again. It is a sign of weakness, he said.

I beg to differ. I believe crying can be sign of many things – like tiredness, caring, frustration. But crying in public is also a sign of the strength it takes to admit all your other flaws and weaknesses. Or maybe it’s just me, trying to look better in my own eyes.

What do you think?

To cry or not to cry, this is the question.

*photo from my #heartsofbucharest series on Instagram. I had not photo with me crying…

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