Two Dots


Dots are pretty and likeable and friendly. Because they are round and seem that there are no upsetting rough edges.

A friend recommended Two Dots*. I was reluctant, because I was recovering after my Candy Crush addiction. Not another dot connecting game, I thought to myself. 200 and something levels after, I am hooked. It’s not only the delicate graphics, the funky dot couple or the mesmerizing music. It’s the fact that the game sets a very positive tone. When you lose a life, it’s only a minor setback. When you win, it’s an impeccable execution, a stunning success, an exceptional triumph. When the game is loading, the dots are tying shoelaces or making snow. How cute is that?

One of the reasons I decided to let go of my unhealthy relationship with Candy Crush was exactly this, the negative tone. When you’d lose a life, you’d have to quit. Quitting sounds unfriendly and unflattering. I choose to play flattering and friendly games. If the design is nice, even better.

If you’re looking for a friendlier and much nicer alternative to the Candy Crush saga family, you should give Two Dots a try.

*Yes, I named the cat after the game

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