Watercolor fun // January update


For my birthday, you might remember, I decided I should give myself the gift of a new creative habit – a daily watercolor. One month after, I have mixed feelings about this.

I look back on the flowers, geometric patterns and naive paintings I created in January and I cannot believe my eyes. There are, indeed, 28 paintings exercises in watercolor. Wow.


There are, of course, a cat and an owl. And coffee. I dated it because, somehow, I hope that by the end of the year, the two cups of coffee might actually look like two cups of coffee. This is the before, then…

And a blue whirlwind looking forward to the summer.


As I said. Mixed feelings. Because, let’s face it, it doesn’t look like much of a talent hiding behind the brush. And after 4 weeks of little sketches I feel like I’ve reached the end of my inspiration. I get back to flowers and blues and squares…


There are some sketches that make me smile. Like the dates below that look quite similar to the ones I ate. Painting them, eating them and now looking at them make me happy.


And, of course, some more flowers, trees, and squares. And the blue lotus that wanted to be a sum of squares. It might be both.


This little fish below started from a shape that wanted to be a pillow. I think it didn’t turn out bad at all, for a blue pillow that wanted to become a fish. I don’t know what the antenna is…


I think that maybe I should share these more often, at least on Instagram. A full month of my naive work all at once might be too much to bear…

Going forward, I want to start experimenting more. Move beyond the watercolor set (in the post linked above) and the waterbrush and take out all the brushes, colors and tools I have waiting patiently for me to have the time or be in the right mood.

Until then, well, this is my little January exhibition. Hope you enjoy it!

PS: These watercolors are made on A6 watercolor paper postcard blanks I bought from Tate, while in London. It seems only natural that some of them should fulfil their postcard destiny, so I plan on really posting the ones I feel are worthy of this path. If you’d like to receive a watercolor postcard from me, let me know.

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